How to Send Pictures on KIK?

In the era of advanced technology, chatting is not limited just to messages. KIK allows its users to send and share its pictures to their friends and family. But many of us don’t know how to send pictures on KIK. We will tell you the simplest steps to send pictures using KIK to your friends.

KIK Pics

There are lots of messaging apps in the market for the users. Kik users send pictures to their friends and family while chatting with them. Those send pictures are KIK Pics.

On KIK other than pictures you can also send video and other files too. This feature sets the KIK app apart from each other. The feature of sharing KIK pics is not available on some devices. Blackberry is one of them. It is available on mostly all the Android and iOS devices.


 Steps on How Send Pictures on KIK?

  1. Open the KIK messenger and find the person you want to send KIK pic.
  2. Tap on the + sign on the chat screen.
  3. After that, choose a picture you want to send. You can also click a picture and send it by clicking it on the camera.
  4. Tap on send button to send the picture and enjoy.

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Note: Do not send share your private images to your friends. It can be dangerous. 

This is how you can send pictures on KIK. We hope you were able to understand the steps.

How to send KIK pictures on blackberry?

Unfortunately, Blackberry users don’t have the privilege to send pictures on KIK yet. But if you are blackberry users then also you can receive and see the pictures which your friends send to you.

How Send KIK Pics from Camera?

Yes, you can send a live picture without closing the KIK app to your friends.                                  Coming straight to the point.

Here are the 5 easy steps to send pictures to KIK:

  1. Tap on the + sign which you will find when you are chatting with your friends.
  2. You would see two options on the screen.
  3. Choose the camera instead of gallery.
  4. After that the camera of your phone would open up.
  5. Now, just capture the picture you want and send the KIK Pic.

If you still have any doubt then watch this video on how to send pictures on KIK?


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