How to Change KIK Username?

Hello everyone,

KIK is the best instant messaging application. People love it because it gives them real time chat experience. It has the simplest user interface with attractive features.

Every KIK messenger user must have given a thought on How to change KIK username?

Well, we have got a solution for you to change your username.

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There is difference between changing your KIK username and Display name. Let us first tell you the method to change your display name on KIK.

How to change KIK Display name?

Display name is your name which people see while chatting with you. You can choose any name for it. To update the display name you just have to tap or click on KIK.

First of all tap on settings of KIK. After that, tap on your account. And the last tap on name. Update the display name of your choice.

Tip: You can change the display name to anything funny or unique name of your choice 🙂

How to Change KIK Username?

Unfortunately, there is no official method to change your KIK username. It is the identity for you on KIK. You can change your KIK display name but you can’t change your username. KIK doesn’t allows its users to change the username because by counting the usernames they get know the exact number of people who are using the app.

There is another way to change KIK username.

Yes, there is a way.

You can change your KIK username by deactivating your messenger account. To deactivate the messenger you have to go to the settings of KIK app then tap on your account. After that choose reset it. You may get a verification to deactivate the app on email.

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This is the only way to change KIK username. You can also change it by using another email id. May be in future KIK allows us to change the username.

Watch this video to learn more in-depth.


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