How to deactivate /delete kik account

Hey folks! Today In this article we’ll give step by step explanation on how can you easily delete your profile from KIK that too permanently, the reason can be that maybe you’re bored or maybe there are a lot of bots present in that application and maybe it takes a lot of space in your device! Whatever the reason is, your motive is to get rid of that application yeah? Well, before reading this let me tell you that you can only deactivate your account and cannot delete it permanently, this means that if you ever wish to re-login then you can use the same credentials for logging in and your account will be reactivated however, after deactivating, all the conversation and contacts will be lost, so be firm on your decision before taking any action.

Note: You cannot use the same username which you used for the account you’re deleting for another account.

Now let’s deactivate your kik account! Follow the steps provided below to deactivate/delete your kik account:

For completely removing your account, you need to first clear your message and contact history after that you need to deactivate your account from PC.

Follow the following steps for removing your message history and contact history, note that this cannot be reverted back and if lost one, you won’t be able to recover your messages again.

Part #1: Removing contact and messaging history from the kik messenger

  • For deleting your kik account from the phone, open the application.
  • Click on “Your account” option.
  • From that menu, select the option of “Reset Kik messenger”
  • Now a dialogue box will pop up in front of you, there you need to confirm your choice. Select “yes” and your kik history will be vanished!

Part #2: Deactivating your kik account from PC

  • Head over to the following url:
  • On this page you will see a farewell message written and a text box where you are supposed to enter your email address.
  • Enter your email ID in the box.
  • Click on GO button.
  • Now check your email, you’ll receive a link in your inbox, as soon as you click that link your account will be deactivated.
  • If you wish to reactivate, then just login with the old credentials and you’ll be good to go!

After following the above steps, your kik account will be deactived successfully, if you further wish to remove application from your phone then follow the given steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Head over to application manager
  • Search for Kik messenger.
  • Click on uninstall button.
  • Wait for a few minutes, and boom! You are done.

Congratulations, you have successfully removed your kik account as well as the application from your smartphone also. If you have questions or queries regarding anything discussed in this tutorial or anything related to KIK then you may comment below and we’ll look into your matter for sure as soon as possible.

Also check out this video for deleting or deactivating KIK messenger.


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